Senior Class Trip

Senior Trip to New York City

Retyped from May 31, 1961 Edition of South Western Round-Up

See photos at the end of the article,

submitted by Babs Unger Kalkwarf and Judi Wildasin Sanders.

May 5, 1961 marked a new experience for many of the Seniors at South Western. On this date, three buses of sleepy but excited seniors left the school at 4:00 A.M. for New York City.

Breakfast was bought at Howard Johnson's restaurant on the New Jersey turnpike. The time was 7:00 A.M.

Many new sights were seen along the way. As we approached New York City, we entered the Lincoln tunnel, running under the river. Two tour buses were waiting for us and soon the bustling adventure began.

The Cathedral of St. John the Divine was first on the list. Many were left speechless by its beauty.

From the buses we saw Grant's Tomb, Columbia University, Harlem and Greenwich Village.

A brief stop was made at the United Nations Headquarters.

Lunch was served at the Headquarters Restaurant. The menu included meat loaf, potatoes, peas, milk, bread and butter, and ice cream cake roll.

The NBC Radio and TV Studios were visited after lunch. Each one was given a chance to see himself on TV. Some of the results were drastic!!

A ferry boat was taken to the Statue of Liberty where we had one hour to ourselves. Many discovered that once they start up the statue there is no point of turning back. Actually there are only 330 steps (one way that is!!).

Times Square, Madison Square Gardens, and Wall Street were seen from the bus. Fifth Avenue appeared as a maze of exclusive stores.

The Empire State Building was last on the list. Three elevators had to be taken to reach the top of the building. From the point a very wide range of the city could be seen.

We boarded our homeward buses about 6:30 P.M. Along the way, we again stopped at Howard Johnson's for supper.

We arrived at South Western High School near midnight.

Ready for ferry to Statue of Liberty. Left to right, Dottie Flohr, Jane Teal, Jeannie Smith, Dawn Tasto.

Babs ready for the ferry ride.

Dottie Flohr - ready for ferry ride.

Approaching the Statue of Liberty.

NYC Skyline - taken from the ferry on the way to the Statue of Liberty.

Left to right: Dwight Frock, Johnnetta Bixler, Francis Baumgardner, Fran Smith, Larry Bollinger, Ruthanne Hoffman, Judy Wildasin, Bill Yingling.

Left to right: Ed Thomas, Dwight Resh, Harold Coldren, Skip Markle, Linda Thoman, Joan Cool, Larry Bollinger.

Left to right:  Joyce Bixler, Dorna Wildasin, Birnie Helwig, Richard Wetzel, Larry Marshall, Gary Starner.

Left to right:  Angela Stull, Darlene Rinehart, Dorna Wildasin, Birnig Helwig, Richard Wetzel.

Left to right:  Gary Starner, Bob Brown, Babs Unger, Johnnetta Bixler.

Bill R. Myers & Joe Luckenbaugh entering the subway!

Jane Teal, Dawn Tasto and Jeannie Smith ready to shop!

Mini-replica inside Cathedral of St. John the Divine.

View from the top of the Empire State Building.

Babs going somewhere, just don't know where!

Ben Laurence, walking either to the United Nations or the Cathedral.

More classmates walking, but not sure who.

Cathedral of St. John the Divine.

Inside the United Nations Headquarters.

Left to right:  Dawn Tasto, Jane Teal, Jeannie Smith, Skip Markle (?), Dottie Flohr.

Jane Teal, Sara Bair & ??? - not sure where they were going.


Dwight Frock, Larry Bollinger, Babs Unger, Ruthanne Hoffman, Francis Baumgardner, Judi Wildasin, Johnnetta Bixler and Dottie Flohr on the streets of NYC.


  Ruthanne Hoffman, Fran Smith, Johnnetta Bixler & Judi Wildasin, at the top of the Empire State Building.


Dwight Frock, Johnnetta Bixler, Judi Wildasin, Francis Baumgardner, Babs Unger, Ruthanne Hoffman, Larry Bollinger and Bill Yingling.

Fran, Ruthanne & Judi on the streets of NYC.


Frannie Smith posing!


Bill Myers, Bill Sterner & Ben Laurence - trying to look nonchalant!  It's NOT working guys!