Other Old Photos


Joan Cool Unger & husband Larry

Dave Leppo seated beside Joe Luckenbaugh



"Little Bill" Yingling and Linda Thoman Hershey


John Giesey & wife Kathy, talking with Kathy Feeser Krug


Gary & Gladys Starner, Bob Brown

Sara Bair Sanner and Barbe Miller Menges with husband, Phil


Richard Wetzel and wife, Wayne Lippy on opposite side of table.


Former Principal Tom Shade & wife.

Sally Zartman Gobrecht talking to Mark Sackett

Former Superintendent Henry Markle and wife, Viola.



Frannie Smith & Johnnetta Bixler Miller are all smiles!


Sally Zartman Gobrecht & husband Bill

Bill Myers and Pam Swartz Hamaday with husband

Babs Unger Kalkward talking with Kathy Feeser Krug & husband, Jeff

Linda Sponseller Benecke & Dwight Benecke, Darlene Kneller Wherley & Darlene Rohrbaugh Worley.


Marlin Wetzel, Leonard Bankert, George Zumbrum and Dave Leppo


Carol Jones Reindollar, Bill Sterner & wife, Linda, listing intently to?


So Clyde & June Stremmel were on the opposite side of the table! Wonder what news they shared?

Beauties on the School Lawn

Front Row: Carol Reindollar, Ruthann Hoffman, Judy Greenplate

Back Row: Betty Fair, Naomi Groft, Joyce Bixler

Slumber Party at Joyce Bixler's House

Betty Fair, Carol Reindollar, Joyce Groft & Judy Greenplate.

The party's over!

Betty Fair & Carol Reindollar waving goodby.

These girls went to the Farm Show for the day!

Betty Fair

Judy Greenplate (sure was having a great time!)

Darlene Nace & Naomi Groft


Francis Baumgardner, Judi Wildasin, Ruthanne Hoffman and Larry Bollinger - Wonder where they were when this was taken?


Judi Wildasin and Peggy Groft - obviously at the beach somewhere.


Cheerleaders - photo from Joyce


Another of Joyce's cheerleaders photos


I couldn't make this any larger because it got blurry.

4 Friends: Wanda Sheperd, Rae Guy, Peggy Groft and Joyce Wildasin.