70th Birthday & Annual Picnics

Photos taken at our 58 Year Class Reunion

held on Thursday, September 26, 2019

Leanna Fuhrman Bankert, Nancy & Leonard Bankert, Marlin & Gwen Wetzel

Marlin & Gwen Wetzel, Gary & Gladys Starner

Gladys Starner, Joan & Birnie Helwig, Larry Bankert

Margaret Stewart Jacoby-Lingg & John Lingg, Mary Wherley Gibbons, Ruthanne Hoffman Mavros

Judi Wildasin Sanders, Ted & Joanne Myers Roush, John Worley

John & Darlene Rohrbaugh Worley, Sally Hersey, Margaret Stewart Jacoby-Lingg

Dale & Darla Doll, Barb Garrett Frock & Dwight Frock 

Sue McCroury Trimmer & Larry Trimmer, Dale Doll

Harold Coldren, Ted & Yvonne Deamer Stough, Ty Deamer

Ty & Pat Deamer, Dawn & Ned Sterner

Sue & Gordy Stauffer, Ben & Crista Laurence

Linda Thoman Hershey, Johnnetta Bixler Miller, Sonny Hershey, Larry Miller

Carol Jones Reindollar, Don & Barb Barnhart Jackson , Joal Cool Under

Sally Zartman Gobrecht & Bill Gobrecht, Richard & Dolores Reindollar Jones,

Dawn Tasto Gross & Fred Gross


Photos taken at our 57 Year Class Reunion

held on Thursday, September 27, 2018 at Inn 94

Leanna Fuhrman Bankert & Larry Bankert, William Myers

Dolores Reindollar Jones, Glenn & Betty Fair Dubs


Johnnetta Bixler Miller, Irvin Bollinger, Joyce Wildasin Noble, John Lingg & Margaret Stewart Lingg

Ray Klinedinst, Larry & Johnnetta Miller, Irvin Bollinger

Sue Stauffer, Bill Sterner, Ben Laurence


Bill Sterner, Ben & Krista Laurence, Kathy Feeser Krug

Kathy & Jeff Krug, Dawn Tasto Gross


Birnie & Joan Helwig, Gladys & Gary Starner


Sally Zartman Gobrecht & Bill Gobrecht, Dolores Reindollar Jones


Dawn Gross, Barb Barnhart Jackson & Don Jackson

Larry Bankert, Phil Little, William Myers

Sally Hershey & Dolores Jones



Photos taken at our 56 Year Class Reunion

held on Thursday, September 28, 2017 at Inn 94

Dawn (Tasto) Grose, Dolores (Reindollar) Jones & Richard Jones, Joal (Cool) Unger

Bill Gobrecht, Linda & Bill Sterner, Fred Gross

Sue & Gordy Stauffer, Sally Hershey, Darlene (Kneller) Wherley

Gerri & Bill Myers, Barb (Barnhart) Jackson

Clyde Stremmel, Betty (Fair) Dubs & Glenn Dubs, Carol (Jones) Reindollar

Joyce (Wildasin) Noble, Connie (Ernst) Oller (Joyce's guest) & Irvin Bollinger

Gordy Sager, Shirley Sager, Yvonne (Deamer) Stough & Ted Stough

Dwight Resh, Gordy Sager & Shirley Sager

Bob Forry, Harold Coldren, Dwight Resh

Right to Left - Birnie Helwig, Joan Helwig, Leanna (Fuhrman) Bankert, Larry Bankert, Marlin Wetzel


Birnie Helwig, Larry Miller, Johnnetta (Bixler) Miller


Gwen & Marlin Wetzel

Krista Laurence, Jeff Krug, Ben Laurence

Clyde Stremmel, Kathy (Feeser) Krug, Krista Laurence

Bob & Elaine Forry

Pat & Tyrone Deamer

Sally (Zartman) Gobrecht & Bill Gobrecht


Photos taken at our 55 Year Class Reunion

held on Saturday, September 10, 2016 at Inn 94

Sonny & Linda (Thoman) Hershey. Johnnetta (Bixler) Miller & Larry Miller

Jeff & Kathy (Feeser) Krug, Gordy & Sue Stauffer


Vonnie (Deamer) Stough and Ted Stough, Leonard & Nancy Bankert


Margaret (Stewart) Jacoby-Lingg & John Lingg


Marlin & Gwen Wetzel, Carolyn & Larry Bollinger, Mary Wherley Gibbons (apologies to Mary - the other photo taken of her and her son was too blurry - operator errot).

Ray & Pat Klinedinst


Don Fields on left - Norm & Vicki Wildasin


Patsy (Hempfing) Fields & Don Fields, Norm Wildasin


Glenn & Betty (Fair Dubs, Patsy (Hempfing) Fields

Irvin Bollinger, Wayne Sentz (Littlestown HHS visitor)

Sorry, but I missed the table behind them - Sally Hershey back of Wayne, Darlene (Kneller) Wherley & John  - Nevin Baumgardner and his wife Elaine were there as well, but had to leave early.


Bob Forry, Don Parr - their spouses - Eileen Parr & Elaine Forry


Smith Family - Steven, Fran & Froonie


Fronnie Smith & Phil Little


Gladys & Gary Starner, Harold Coldren


Carol (Jones) Reindollar & Larry Reindoller


Fred & Dawn (Tasto) Gross


Linda & Bill Sterner


Richard & Dolores (Reindollar) Jones


Sally (Zartman) Gobrecht & Bill Gobrecht




These photos were taken at our 2nd Annual Picnic

held on Saturday, September 13, 2014 at Bill & Linda Sterner's Picnic Woods.

Johnnetta Bixler Miller's husband, Larry, Irvin Bollinger & Sue Stauffer (Gordy's wife)

Sue Stauffer, Gordy's lovely wife!


I think this is Gordy Stauffer's back, and Dawn Gross's back, talking to Joe Myers

Shirley Sager on left, talking to Richard & Dolores (Reindollar) Jones & Gladys Starner (Gary's wife)

Dawn (Tasto) Gross talking to Kathy (Feeser) Krug and her husband, Jeff Krug, talking to Gordy Stauffer.

Elaine Forry (Bob's wife), Don Parr's back, Johnnetta (Bixler) Miller in green.

John & Darlene (Kneller) Wherley, Sally Hershey


John Martz's wife and Don Parr's wife - need their first names.

Ray Klinedinst, Larry  Miller & Fred Gross

Phil Little, Fran Smith, Linda (Thoman) Hershey, Johnnetta (Bixler) Miller, Bob Forry & Don Parr

Elaine Forry (Bob's wife) with Gary Starner and Dwight Resh.

Pat & Ty Deamer talking to John Martz


Yvonne (Deamer) Stough and her husband, Ted - across from Pat & Ty

Kathy (Feeser) Krug, Darlene (Kneller) Wherley & Sally Hershey

Irvin Bollinger, Joe Myers and Darlene Kneller's husband,

Gordy Stauffer &  Jeff Krug

Shirley & Gordy Sager, opposite Gladys Sterner (Gary's wife), Dolores (Reindollar) & Richard Jones

Dawn Gross, Gordy & Shirley Sager on left side of table, Pat Klinedinst on right - enjoying dinner.



These photos were taken at our 70th Birthday Celebration

held on Saturday, June 22, 2013 at Bill & Linda Sterner's Picnic Woods.

Shirley & Gordy Sager, chatting with Dolores (Reindollar) & Richard Jones


Glenn and Betty (Fair) Dubs


Barb (Barnhart) Jackson and Dawn (Tasto) Gross


Darlene (Rohrbaugh) Worley, Bill & Linda Sterner (our gracious host & hostess!)


Darlene (Kneller) Wherley - her husband, George to the far left, Darlene Worley's husband in between.


John Martz and his wife, talking with Phil Little.


Joan (Cool) Unger and her husband, Larry, talking with Ed Spaide (Jane Teel's husband)


Don Parr, Ray Klinedinst and Fred Gross (Dawn Tasto's husband)

?Vonnie (Deamer) & her husband, Ted Stough


Pat & Ty Deamer


Steve Marchio, one of our website supporters, in memory of his wife and our classmate, Naomi Groft Marchio.


Sandy Hughes, our wonderful caterer!  The food was delicious!!!


Bill Sterner, Fred Gross & Bill Gobrecht.


?Bill Sterner with Pat & Ray Klinedinst


Kathy (Feeser) Krug, Dick Trone talking to Fred Gross.


?Kathy (Feeser) Krug - with her husband, Jeff (back to camera)


?Harold Coldren and his girlfriend, Karen McDermitt.


Fran (Smith) Matheson, Phil Little and his wife, Janet, Don Parr and Sophronia Smith (Fran's sister).


Jane (Teal) Spaide, Dawn (Tasto) Gross, not sure of the couple with their heads turned.


Jane (Teal) & Ed Spaide, Fred Gross


Kathy (Feeser) & Jeff Krug, Dick & Edith Trone on opposite side of table.


Betty (Fair) Dubs, opposite John Martz and his wife.



Don & Barb (Barnhart) Jackson


Bill & Sally (Zartman) Gobrecht

Ruthann (Hoffman) Mavros chatting with Dolores (Reindollar) Jones. Ruthann's husband , Alex, is opposite her, and Don Parr and Ty Deamer are standing behind Ruthann.



These snapshots were taken the weekend of our 50-year anniversary.

This first group was taken during graduation, Friday, June 10, 2011 and at our get-together at the Elks after the ceremony. There were 316 graduates in 2011, compared to our 98 back in 1961.  Here is the beginning procession.




 Bill Sterner, our Class President, enters with the faculty.




Bill giving his presentation.


Changing their tassels!

Tossing their caps! - On to the Elks for us.

Bill & Sally (Zartman) Gobrecht


Dolores (Reindollar) & Richard Jones & Bill Gobrecht

 Glenn & Betty (Fair) Dubs

Pam (Swartz) Hamaday, Babs (Unger) Kalkwarf, with Ben & Christa Laurence

Gordy Stauffer, Gerald & Pam (Swartz) Hamaday

 Sue & Gordy Stauffer

Don & Barb (Barnhart) Jackson

Larry & Johnnetta (Bixler) Miller

Jack Stull and Sonny Hershey

Sonny & Linda (Thoman) Hershey with Phil Little

Sally Hershey, Dishy & Larry Marshall

Larry Marshall, Bob & Susan Brown


Bob & Susan Brown


Jim Kalkwarf & Jeff Krug (there wives are socializing!)

Terry Brillhart & Wayne Lippy

Carol & Terry Brillhart


Gladys & Gary Starner


Elaine & Bob Forry

Bill & Linda Sterner

Ray & Pat Klinedinst

(Poor Fred Gross) - Dawn (Tasto) Gross talking with Kathy (Feeser) Krug

Better shot of Dawn (with Fred running away)

Kathy (Feeser) Krug talking with Fran (Smith) Matheson


This next group of photos were taken during our dinner at Bay City Restaurant on Saturday, June 11, 2001 

After Glenn Gobrecht finishes our "official" photo, it will be posted under the tab - Reunion photos.

Bill took these snapshots for me

Sally Hershey with Larry & Leanna (Fuhrman) Bankert

Joan & Birnie Helwig

Johnnetta (Bixler) & Larry Miller


 Larry & Carol (Jones) Reindollar

Joan (Cool) & Larry Unger - Larry was a '61 graduate of Littlestown

Sonny & Linda (Thoman) Hershey

Carolyn & Larry Bollinger

George & Holly Zumbrum

Pauline & John Doll

Terry & Carol Brillhart

Gladys & Gary Starner

Dwight Resh & Harold Coldren

Betty Jean (Bentzel) & Allen Dutterer - she moved away after 8th grade but came to enjoy the evening with all of us.

Fran (Smith) Matheson, Phil Little & Fran's sister, Sophronia Kelly.  Fran came from Florida.

Barb (Barnhart) & Don Jackson

Gerald & Pam (Swartz) Hamaday

Joanne (Myers) & Ted Roush - Ted was a member of Hanover's Class of '61

Kathy & Lee Schriver - they came from Washington State - the first reunion they ever attended. It was great to see Lee again after all these years.

Sue & Gordy Stauffer - who has NEVER missed a reunion!

Bernie & Carol Weaver - Bernie was a Littlestown Class of '61 graduate who came to see old friends.

Barb & Dick Mackley - Dick also is a Littlestown Class of '61 graduate who not only entertained us, but created the set of CDs with music from our high school years that we gave to all who attended as gifts. Great Job, Dick!!!   Many thanks for all the hard work.

Jack Stull - who came from California, seated with Len & Nancy Bankert

Jeff & Kathy (Feeser) Krug with Babs (Unger) Kalkwarf

Dishy & Larry Marshall - they came from Florida

Susan & Bob Brown - they traveled from Arizona

Babs (Unger) & Jim Kalkwarf - they came from North Carolina

Dolores (Reindollar) & Richard Jones

Bob & Janice (Arter) Beaver

Betty (Fair) & Glenn Dubs with Irvin Bollinger

George & Darlene (Rohrbaugh) Worley

Darlene (Kneller) & John Wherley

Rose & Tom Becker

Darlene (Nace) & Barry Becker - both are classmates!

Cindy & Skip [Howard] Markle

Bill & Linda Sterner

Bob & Elaine Forry

Christa & Ben Laurence

Fred & Dawn (Tasto) Gross

Yvonne (Deamer) & Ted Stough

Ty & Pat Deamer

Pat & Ray Klinedinst

Clyde & June Stremmel

Martha & Wayne Lippy - Martha was a '61 graduate from Hanover High School


Mary (Wherley) Gibbons and Judi (Wildasin) Sanders

John & Kathy Giesey

Norma Nagy, retired English teacher and Ruth Lawler, retired librarian

Liz (Vanover) Webb, retired Spanish & English teacher with Martha (Detrich) Young, retired business teacher.

Lowell & Doris Fuhrman - Lowell taught a lot of business subjects and was a fantastic typing teacher (per Sally)

Marty Young with Loyola "Jack" Krepps, who taught English, Latin & Reading

Ruth Gordon Reeder, our retired Home Economics teacher

Bill & Sally (Zartman) Gobrecht - your website administrator.

Barry & Darlene (Nace) Becker - just as they were leaving. It's nice to see their smiles.